IPL SHR OPT Laser Hair Removal Machine


Type::Intense Pulse Light

Filters:480 / 530 / 590 / 640 / 690nm-1200nm

Functions:Skin rejuvenation, acne treatment, hair removal etc..

Description:IPL SHR OPT machine is the perfect choice for beauty salons for permenant hair removal, photo skin rejuvenation, acne treatment, spider vein treatment etc.. With Germany lamp, we ensure the high quality and best effect. Contact the China factory to get discount today!


IPL SHR OPT machine with 5 filters can do the treatment of photo skin rejuvenation, permenant hair removal, acne treatment, spider vein treatment etc.. We ensure super long lifespan 1 million shots.


IPL SHR OPT Laser Hair Removal Machine

  • Amazing lifespan 1 million shots!

  • Fast flash to 10 Hz, fast treatment.

  • 5 Filters for all types of the treatments, including hair remova, photorejuvenation, etc..

  • 44000 uf Super big capacitor ensure strong and stable energy output.


IPL SHR OPT Laser Hair Removal Machine working theory

IPL can penetrate from the epidermis to the dermis and affect the exclusive pigment and vessels such as target tissue, destroy abnormal pigment cells, close abnormal blood vessels, stimulate collagen proliferation and improve the elasticity of fiber rearrangement, finally achieving the goal of skin rejuvenation and pigment removal.


product display of IPL SHR OPT Laser Hair Removal Machine

Standard color is white blue. For other colors also can customize for free


IPL SHR OPT Laser Hair Removal Machine
LifespanSuper long 1 million shots
Machine Power2000W 
Spot Size15*50mm (or 12*30mm as optional)
Wavelength480 / 530 / 590 / 640 / 690nm-1200nm
Energy DensityIPL mode: 1-50J/cm2; SHR mode: 1-25J/cm2
Xenon Lamp SourceUK lamp
Cooling SystemWater + Air + TEC + Sapphire
Display10.4 inch LCD touch screen
Net Weight30kg
Gross Weight38kg
Volume Weight38kg
Packing Size63*57*52cm


5 Filters To Do All Treatments

480nm is for acne treatment.

530nm is good at photo rejuvenation for Skin Type I and II.

It can also do pigmentation and vascular treatment, and the effect on vascular removal is better. The cherry-red skin with tiny red blood can apply a very thick and thick gel (about 1-2cm thick) and use a higher energy and the treatment head touches the gel without touching the skin,or say hovering the skin to do the treatment. The effect is very good.

590nm is mainly for photofacial rejuvenation for Skin Type III and IV. Also, it have good effect in pigmentation treatment and skin whitening.

640nm is for hair removal of Skin Type I, II and III.

690nm is suitable for all skin tones hair removal.

Super Long Lifespan 1 Million Shots

IPL SHR OPT Laser Hair Removal Machine 1 million shots

The most good thing for our IPL SHR OPT laser hair removal machine is it has super long lifespan 1 million shots!

If you have used similar machines you will know this lifespan is much much much longer than others 300,000 shots or 500,000 shots, let alone some companies lifespan is even only 100,000 shots.

We have literally did this lifespan test dear, so for this we can 100% guarantee you! 

>> Hit to see the Youtube videos for the lifespan test at 300,000 shots, 500,000 shots, 700,000 shots, and 900,000 shots.

IPL and SHR mode in machine

IPL Mode and SHR Mode

Besides, we offer both SHR working mode and IPL working mode for this machine.

The left mode stands for SUPER. In this mode. Light will be emitted in uniformly in single pulse from 1-10 hz, which allows 10 flashes in 1 second. It has better effect in large area hair removal like back or leg.

The right mode stands for IPL. In this mode. Light will be emitted unevenly in multipulse from 1-6hz as a group. It has better effect in small area skin treatment, like face treatment.

big capacitor of IPL laser

Advanced OPT Technology

More importantly, even it is just a portable machine, but we still use super big capacitors 2*22000uf, totally 44000 uf, ensures super strong energy in fast speed working.

All other portable models in the market only has 3*10000uf totally 30000 uf capacitor, much, much smaller than ours.

This super big capacitor can well ensure the super strong and stable energy output, which also called OPT.

OPT refers to square wave technology. It is the advanced version of IPL. Now is more popular in the market.

What is OPT and Why OPT is better?

The OPT epilator is a new permanent hair removal technology. This is an upgrade of the IPL hair removal machine.

The basic theory behind  IPL  hair removal is the selective absorption of light. The melanin in the hair follicles absorbs the laser and the laser heats up the hair follicles.

The temperature in the hair follicles rose rapidly in a short time. Then achieve a permanent hair removal effect. 

OPT Hair Removal is short for Optimal Pulsed Technology.

Compared with conventional IPL technology, the output power of OPT is always at the same level. At the same time, OPT technology is also SHR technology on the move. The OPT SHR handpiece can cover the treated area quickly.

OPT hair reduction is better than IPL on these 3 counts:


OPT laser hair removal is more comfortable and painless

IPL hair removal is hotter and more painful because the injections are hot. IPL has 5 to 8 flashes per flash. The energy of each pulse is different. The IPL pulse energy decreases.

IPL treatment requires a higher energy of the first pulse due to a lower energy of the secondary pulse. Burns are possible due to the uneven impact of the pulse.

For OPT, it does not burn or hurt at all. SHR technology divided the pulse into each flash. One flash, one pulse, the energy of each flash is the same.

OPT is better than IPL


OPT laser treatment is faster

The OPT SHR machine uses the sweep hair removal method, the frequency can reach 10Hz. Basic IPL hair removal needs several seconds for the next shot 

Studies show that the SHR hair removal mode is 2-3 times faster than the IPL method.

OPT SHR hair removal requires 4 to 6 sessions; IPL requires 6 to 12 sessions.


OPT laser machine is more efficient

As we mentioned earlier, the pulse energy is the same when using OPT technology, the energy is not reduced, more energy is delivered to certain areas, the OPT method gives more effective and much faster results.

The treatment of OPT does not require downtime and is widely used.

Extra Water Filter

filter for IPL equipment

For IPL OPT machine, water filter is not a must, so over 95% IPL OPT machines in the market DO NOT have water filter.

As we all know, the laser bar in diode laser has very high demand for water quality. So in every diode laser machine there MUST have water filters.

But since xenon lamp in IPL machine doesn't have that high demand for water, so no factory will aplly water filter in IPL machines. But that doesn't mean it is useless.

Why it is very necessary to equip water filter to IPL SHR machine?

Since it is not a must, then why our IPL SHR OPT hair removal machine still equipped with this extra water filter?

Becasue with this extra water filter, it can always keep the water clean and well protect our UK lamp, thus greatly prolong the lifespan of our SHR OPT machine! 

Together with our great inner heat dissipation system, we can ensure super long lifespan to 1 million shots.

IPL xenon lamp in handle

Acutally the xenon lamp is soaking in the water. 

When it works, the lamp soaking in the water and the water can take away the heat from the lamp. 

Although we already using the purity water for machine, but after days, months using of the machine, the water actually is getting dirty. There will be many dirty particles adhere to the xenon lamp. Gradually the incrustation is thicker and thicker. 

This incrustation in the lamp will make the energy of every shot much less, which will cause the weak energy and poor effect. And more importantly, this incrustation will make it very hard for the water to take away the heat in the lamp. When there is too much heat in the lamp, lamp will just burn. 

But with our extra water filter, the water is always clean. So there will be no incrustation in the lamp, which means: 1. You can always get high and stable energy and 2. Lamp will not burn for long time.

That is the secret why only our SHR OPT device can reach super long lifespan 1 million shots but all others can not.

Easy to Change the Water Fitler

filter of IPL SHR OPT Laser Hair Removal Machine

Although this IPL SHR OPT laser hair removal machine has an extra water filter, it doesn't mean it is hard in maintainance. 

On the contrary, we have special design with water filter, so it is very easy to do the maintainance. 

We suggest to change water filter every 1 year. Water filter is designed in outside of machine. No need to open machine shell, even salon girls can change water filters very easily.


ipl shr machine software

This machine has very easy use interface. 

Machine has installed 15 main languages to meet worldwide clients' demand. And meantime it has 4 systems which makes it very easy to use and maintainance. The systems are: alarming system, monitoring system, record saving system and renting system.


alarming system for IPL SHR OPT Laser Hair Removal Machine

The alarming system consists of 5 parts:

Water level, water temperature, water flow, water impurities, handle button status.

The alarm system is used to remind customers to perform daily machine maintenance. For example, when the machine water flow alarms, it reminds the customer that the water filter needs to be replaced; when the machine water impurity alarms, it reminds the customer that it is time to change the water for the machine. All in all, this system makes maintaining the machine very easy.


Hair Removal

IPL MACHINE hair removal

When selecting hair removal program, a high intensity light is emitted in flashes of short duration. These flashes change into heat and make the hair bulb atrophy permanently.

First, the handheld touches the skin, which begins to cool. Then, Pulsed Light pre-heat the area to be depilated. Finally, IPL works on the dermis and epidermis. In a split second, the energy is transmitted through each hair down to its root. The sudden rise in temperature causes the hair to separate from its follicle. Thus you can slow down the hair growth and take care of the skin at the same time.


ipl machine photofacial manufacturer

Pulsed Light is emitted in broad spectrum range, so it can treat several features of an aged skin. Thanks to the Pulsed Light, it is possible to reduce pigmented spots and little veins.  

On the one hand, it works by reducing the intensity of sunspots. On the other hand, it acts on the superficial capillaries, caused them to collapse so they are no longer visible through the skin. Finally, this treatment stimulates collagen generation, improving skin texture, reducing pore size and fine wrinkles.

Pigmentation treatment

OPT for pigmentation machine

This treatment reduces skin blemisheseven in sensitive areas such as face or hands. The IPL SHR OPT Laser Hair Removal Machine acts on melanin, the pigment that gives color to our skin.

Wrinkle removal

opt machine for wrinkle removal

This treatment stimulates skin fibroblasts to generate more collagen, improving their appearance and reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

Acne treatment

buy ipl laser for acne removal

IPL SHR OPT Laser Hair Removal Machine acts directly on the sebaceous glands that are secreting fat, reducing acne very effectively in the treated area. In addition, as it stimulates the generation of collagen, the treated area will recover better from the aftermath.


 IPL treatment

It is difficult to give an exact price for IPL treatment. This is due to the fact that each patient has different cosmetic problems that he or she wants to solve. The average cost of intense pulsed light treatment ranges from $349 to nearly $649.

When choosing an IPL treatment, it is important to remember that many factors can affect the cost (more on this later). Some patients may also pay above average when IPL treatment is combined with other cosmetic procedures.



One point to consider when determining the cost of an IPL session is the area of treatment. Some patients have minimal cosmetic problems, while others may need some work.


Some follow-up sessions may be required for IPL treatment to treat existing areas or to treat adjacent areas. Other factors that can affect cost include post-treatment medications and whether the patient wants additional IPL treatment.



IPL treatment is a form of cosmetic laser skin resurfacing. 

People are good candidates for this treatment if they have certain skin problems such as:



unwanted facial hair;

discolored skin;

Intense pulsed light treatment is also ideal for patients with spider veins, redness due to rosacea and black spots on the face due to hormonal changes.


If you are pregnant or have skin conditions, you should not be treated with IPL. Also, if you have skin cancer, severe scarring, or increased sensitivity to light, IPL therapy is not recommended.


TEC DIODE is the leading manufacturer for IPL machines. Our IPL machine with unbelivable 1,000,000 shots long life. We sell to worldwide and get very good feedback on our IPL SHR machines. Please do not hesitate to contact us to get detailed quotation.



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