What's The Difference of Diode Laser & IPL Machine?

Summer is coming, so hair removal treatment now is very popular. Many salons hope to buy a professional machine for hair removal to enlarge their business, but they may wonder, which shall I choose, diode laser or IPL? and what is the difference between them?

Today we're gonna to explain these questions and hope can be helpful for our clients to choose the most proper machine.


When talking about hair removal, the basic working theory of diode laser and IPL are similar - their energy been absord by the hair follicle melanin and therefore breakdown the melanin and achieve the hair removal effect. But whats difference? They difference mainly are listed below:




Diode laser using LASER technology, while IPL using Intense Pulse Light technology

IPL and diode laser difference 


diode laser stack and IPL xenon lamp

Diode laser using laser stack as emitter, while IPL using xenon lamp as emitter.



Diode laser is using the fixed wavelength (808nm, or the triple wave of 755nm 808nm 1064nm mixed together). While IPL is using a broad spectrum, for example, 640nm usually stands for 640nm - 1200nm, and 530nm stands for 530nm -1200nm.

diode laser 808nm and IPL broad spectrum

The different wavelength decides that during the treatment IPL will be quite dazzling while the light of diode laser will not dazzling at all. (Because IPL contains a many visible lights, and diode laser using 808nm wavelength, is near infre-red light, we can still see it, but far not as visible light dazzling)



Diode laser using fixed wavelength 808nm, which is only targeted 3-5mm under the skin and mostly melanin in hair follicles.

While IPL using section wavelength which containing so many wavelengths and different wavelength can be absorb by different tissues, so IPL has more functions than diode laser. For example, 480nm wavelength has effect of sterilization, so it is used for acne treatment; 530nm wavelength can be absorbed by the thread veins so it has good effect in facial vein removal etc..


Spot size

Due to the different emitter, so the spot size of 2 machines will also be different: Generally speaking, diode lasers spot size will be smaller than IPLs.

diode laser spot size and IPL machine spot size

For example, the typical spot size of diode laser is 15*15mm, and the typical spot size of IPL is 15*50mm.

Our third generation diode laser already has a very large spot size of 15*30mm, but it is still smaller than IPL 15*50mm.

But this is only  generally speaking. We can not judge this machine is diode laser or IPL by its spot size , because sometimes diode laser spot size indeed may be bigger than IPL. For example, there is also IPL with 12*30mm spot size, which is smaller than our diode laser 15*30mm size.



Diode laser using US Coherent laser bars the pure AuSn laser bar, we ensure 20 million shots lifespan, which can be used at least 3-5 years.

Thanks for our special design of the IPL machine, our IPL has super long 1 million shots (other companies IPL only 100,000- 300,000 shots), but still 20 times shorter than diode laser lifespan.



Due to the fixed wavelength, so almost all energy of diode can be delivered to follicle.

While for IPL machine, because it using broad spectrum, so not all energy can be delivered to follicle. There are also many energy absorbed by surrounding tissues. So generally speaking, it only takes 3-6 sessions for diode laser to get the permanent hair removal effect and it takes 6-10 sessions for IPL to get this effect.



Diode laser price is 2-4 times higher than IPL machines.


To sum up, see below chart: 

Diode LaserIPL
TechnologyLASER technologyIntense Pulse Light technology
EmitterLaser stackUK xenon lamp
Spot SizeUsually smaller than IPLUsually larger than diode laser
FunctionLaser hair removal

Multifunctional including:

Acne treatment

Facial thread vein treatment

Pigmentation treatment

Skin rejuvenation treatment

Hair removal treatment

Lifespan20 million shots1 million shots
Session3-6 sessions get permanent hair removal effect6-10 sessions get permanent hair removal effect
Price2-4 times higher than IPL machineCheaper

Which shall I choose? Buy diode laser or buy IPL?

Here is my suggestion:

- If you only looking for a professional hair removal device, then please do not hesitate and directly choose our diode laser, especially this third generation intelligent diode laser shown in the video, which is our most advanced diode laser with 3 replaceable treatment tip (15*30mm, 15*15mm, and phi 8mm) for all areas treatment, and with intelligent linkage and smart pre-set parameters.



- If hair removal is only one of the small business in your whole treatment range of your salon, or photo rejuvenation / facial broken capillaries / pigmentation treatment / hair removal treatment are similar important for you. Then please choose IPL.

IPL machine


- If you want diode laser for hair removal and meanwhile also want photo facial of IPL, then our multifunctional machine with both diode laser system and IPL system is more suitable for you



No matter which machine you prefer, we hope you can choose the one you like most. If need any further help, please dont hesitate to contact us by WhatsApp (+86 15001314173) or Email (

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