Facial Veins - Shall I choose IPL Therapy or Laser Therapy?

Facial veins are usually called as thread veins, or spider veins, broken capillaries, facial telangiectasia or rosacea veins.

Both IPL machine and Diode laser 980nm can do the treatment for facial vein removal or vascular removal. But which one is better and which shall I take? 

IPL facial vein removal machine laser 980nm

In the case of an intense pulsed light machine, we use a 530nm-1200nm filter. In the case of laser vacular removal, we use diode laser technology with 980nm wavelength.

Intense pulsed light therapy is similar to laser therapy. However, IPL therapy provides energy at multiple wavelengths, just like flash photography. In contrast, laser therapy delivers a very specific wavelength of light.

So, what's the difference?


IPL Vascular Therapy

IPL facial thread vein removal machine

IPL vascular Therapy disperses energy over a larger target area while treating a broader area of skin. The light penetrates the second layer of skin to destroy damaged blood vessels without damaging the top layer.


The treated blood vessels disintegrate and are naturally eliminated by the body. The effect is milder than laser therapy and requires no downtime.


Laser 980nm Vascular Therapy

980nm laser broken capillaries removal machine

If the veins on the face are more severe, they may require further treatment with laser vein therapy. Laser vein therapy directs an intense, targeted beam of light to irritate the walls of the damaged vein, causing the veins to collapse. Once the veins collapse, your body will naturally remove them.


Laser therapy provides more dramatic results in fewer sessions than IPL treatment, although more powerful laser treatments often require a longer recovery time as they damage the outer layer of skin.

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