Common Fault Solution

Water Temperature Alarming Solution

Our standard tempreture range is 10-35 degrees. 

If water tempreture is over 35 degrees, machine will start alarming and automatically stop working. 

Water tempretures might also shown as 45 degrees, which is another different situation. 

Please see below details:

If alarming is over 35 but lower than 45, do below:

If it alarmings over 35 degrees (but lower than 45 degrees), it is normal condition, because machine indeed working for long time and this alarming is to indicates to have a little rest. You can leave the machine in standby mode and adjust the cooling level to 0 to let the machine dissipate the heat naturally. 

If you have client undergoing treatment now, please adjust the upper limit of temperature alarm the setting interface to 40 degrees. After the treatment, please set back to 35 again.

If alarming is 45 or over 45, do below:

The display temperature is 45°C, check if the lines in temperature terminals is well connected or not. 

If the terminals are connected properly but the alarm still exist, it means the control board may have problem.


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