Common Fault Solution

Water Flow Alarming Solution (Fan Icon)

Most of water flow alarming problem (fan icon in the interface)  is because didn't add enough water or didn't connect handle well, or water filter is too dirty need to be changed. 90% of such problems can be solved by first 2 steps.

Other possible reason that lead to water flow alarming might be: control board has problem, or water pump has problem, or 24V switching power supply has problem, or water flow sensor has problem.

Below is a real case: Water flow is alarming, checked the filter is very dirty. Need to change water filter first. After changed the filter, the water level start alarming, checked the water level is too low, asked client to add more water till it over flow, then problem easily solved.

real after sales case.jpg

90% water flow alarming problem can be solved with above steps. If still not solved, then please follow below steps:

1) Check if there is water level alarm. If there is water level alarm priority, solve the water level alarm problem. If there is no water level alarm, proceed to the next step.

2) Check if the machine’s handpiece is well connected or not. (If recently just changed the water filter, please also check the water filter is well connected or not). If it is still not solved, proceed to the next step.

3) Check if the water flow indicator on the control panel is blinking

If the “FLOW” indicator flashes and the alarm still exist, it means the control board has problem. 

If the indicator is not flashing, the next step is checked.

4) Check the water flow sensor lines on the control control is loosen or not. Make sure the lines are well connected.

5) Measure the input and output of the pump power supply.

The pump power supply position and measurement points are as follows:


1. Adjust the multimeter's gear position to AC AC750V and measure the input of the switching power supply AC100V/AC220V.

If the switching power supply has no input voltage, skip to step 6 to check.

2. Adjust the multimeter's gear position to DC DC200V and measure the output of the switching power supply DC24V.

If there is output voltage, go to step 8 to check. If there is no output voltage, go to step 7.

6)  Measure the output terminal of the control switch power supply on the control board


Adjust the multimeter to AC 750V and measure the output terminal voltage.

If there is no voltage, it means the control board has problem. 

If there is voltage, check the connection line between the switching power supply and the control board.



7) Measure whether there is output of 24V switching power supply at no-load situation


1. Use a Phillips screwdriver to loosen the 24V switching power supply output terminal and unplug the output cable.

2 .Adjust the multimeter to DC 200V to measure the output voltage

If the switching power supply has an output voltage now, it means the pump may have problem. 

If the output voltage is still not available now, it means the 24V switching power supply may have problem.

8) Check if the pump is working

Touch the water pump by hand. If the pump works, the hand will feel a vibration, otherwise it will not. 

If the pump does not work, the pump may be damaged. 

If the pump is working, the next step is checked.

9) Check if the water filter is clogged or not

The filter is on the side of the beauty devices. Please replace water filter, and ensure water filter is well connected with machine. 

If the water flow alarm still exist after replacing the filter, it means the water flow sensor may have problem.

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