Beauty Machine Online Training

Read Before Operating the Beauty Machines

TEC DIODE company offers online training for all our beauty machines.

For your safety, read this before operating the beauty machine:

1. Before open the machine, you must fill the water to the machine until the water automatically come out, which means it must use full water tank water. Or it might lead to machine broken easily.

2. Keep any reflecting things out of the operating room, such as mirror, watch, jeweler.

3. Operator and the patient must wear the professional protective glasses and goggles.

4. Any intense pulsed light or laser without correct using can injure the body. In the course of working, the device will produce high pressure. So every operator should keep warning, operating according to introduction.

5. For patient, a well-trained operator and appropriate disposal treatment room is very necessary and important. Moreover,the patient should also know the treatment theory and wear the professional protective eyepatch, protecting eyes from burning.

6. Operator: During the treatment, it's possible to touch the intense pulsed light,so it's necessary to wear the professional protective glasses.

7. Treatment room: the room must clear mark "Using Intense Pulsed Light".

8. Except the authorized mechanic, anyone have no right to examine and repair the machine, especially the inside of device that including electrical source, cooling system,optical organs and treatment head. Notice the dangerous high pressure inside.

9. Make sure whether it's accordant to your resident voltage or not.

10. Maintenance must after turning off the device and drawing out the electrical source line.Or it's most possible to injure people and damage the equipment

11. Keep the filter and the probe clean. Do not let the cooling gel enter into the probe.

12. Stop turning on when finding slack from treatment head. If turning on, close right now.

13. Over light energy could burn skin, that results in atrophy or pigment deposit.

14. Do not directly see the intense pulsed light during treatment, even wearing the protective glasses and eye patch.

15. Do not allow to point the treatment handpiece to the air. Generally. hang it in the bracket of the machine.

16. High pressure inside the equipment. lt’s possible to deposit electricity in some parts even after switching off. So it's not allowed to open equipment beyond the authorized mechanics.

17. When maintaining, please turn off the machine.

18. Be careful when moving machine.

19.The temperature will raise after absorbing light energy, so please take actions to reduce the flammable risk on treatment parts or around area.

20.Do not use ethanol, acetone or other flammable things on skin before treatment. If necessary, please use soap or water.

21.When listerizing the treatment head or other parts in ethanol, please wait till dry.

Do not undergo laser skin procedures if they have any of the following:

  • Malignant or pre-malignant pigmented lesion;

  • Known photosensitivity;

  • Pregnancy;

  • Use of anticoagulation medication;

  • Presence of active acne, deep acne pits or picks;

  • Bacterial or viral infection; Impaired immune system;

  • Have used isotretinoin in the past 12 months;

  • Scleroderma (Accutane);

  • Diabetes;

  • Other syndrome which is not suitable for the treatment

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