Common Fault Solution

Water Level Alarming Solution (Cup Icon)

The cup icon in the beauty machine interface stands for water level. 

If it becomes to red color and start alarming, beauty machine will auotmatically stop working.

Most alarming can be solved after adding enough water (the first step), if it alarming still exist, then please do test following below steps:

1) Check if the instrument is filled with water

Method: Check the water level of the machine. The red float in the water mark reaches the “H” mark above the top.

make sure the water is overflow

Check if the alarm is cleared after filling the water. If there is still alarming, proceed to the next step.

2) Check the status of the water level indicator on the control panel

check LEV light

The “LEV” indicator is always lit to the full water state, and the instrument is not filled with water when it is not lit or flashing.

If the "LEV" indicator is always on, and machine keeps having water level alarming, then we can confirm it is control panel has problem. (Then no need to do the rest testings)

If the indicator is not lit, then proceed to the next step.

3) Make sure the relevant lines are well connected

a. Is the water level sensor line loose?

check any line is loose?

b. Check if the power supply line is loose?

make sure the lines are well connected

If the relevant lines are not loose, proceed to the next step.

4) Short-circuit the water level sensor terminal block on the control board with a short cable to check whether the alarm can stop or not.

If the alarm is stopped, it means the water level sensor may have problem. 

If the alarm is still exist, it means the control panel may have problem.

After confirmed which part is faulty, please contact our sales manager to buy or to get free parts.

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