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How to Save Client Treatment Records to Machine

Every patient has different skin tone and hair type. Even patients who have similar skin and hair type, they may have different tolerence about pain.

So when doing treatment to a new client, Doctor usually has to try from low energy in patient skin and gradually higher,  find the most suitable parameter for this specific patient.


Client Treatment Records saving system

Our system allows Doctor to save this most suitable parameter for this specifi patient to our Treatment Record Saving System. So that next time when this patient come again, Doctor can directly searching for his or her well tested parameters and start treatment quickly.

Below please see how to do it:

Take ND YAG laser for example.

As we can see. the standard pre-set parameter is 400 energy and 5 hertz. Supposing lily use 1000 energy and 10 hertz for the treatment.

Follow the steps to save lily’s treatment parameter. So that when lily comes next time, you can directly put lily’s name here and search for her records.

To be short. this is a very easy to use function for salons and clinics. Hope you enjoy the machine.

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