Common Fault Solution

Handle Cooling Problem Solution (Suitable for Diode Laser or IPL)

If your beauty machine does not make cooling, please do the testing follow below steps. 

Below steps suitable for both diode laser machines and IPL machines.

1) Replace the same type of handle to this machine. If you do not have the same type other handle near you, then please proceed to the next step.

2) Check if there is any alarming icon in machine, if machine is alarming, first solve the alarming problem.

3) Adjust the cooling level at 0, 3, and 5 on the working interface, and use multimeter at gear DC 20V to measure the voltage status of the cooling output terminals on the control board. 

As shown in the video. (Video is example of cooling level at 5)

When the working interface is set as 0, the cooling output should around 0V.

When the working interface is set as 3, the cooling output should varies from 0V to 12V.

When the working interface is set as 5, the cooling output should stay around 12V.

If the voltage is normal, it means it is TEC cooling pad has problem.

If voltage is not normal, it means it is the control board has problem.

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