Common Fault Solution

Can Not Standby Solution

90% Such problems are because the handle trigger is stucked in the handle supportor. In this case only need to take out the handle from the supportor you can standby.

1) Check whether there is an alarm, If there is an alarm, solve the alarm first. If there is no alarm, go to step 2. 


2) Check if the foot switch icon on work interface is in close state or not. 

Ready button can not be pressed when the foot switch or handle button is in close state. 

If the foot icon on the interface is in close state, release the foot switch or handle button then click Ready again. 

If the foot switch icon on the interface is still in close state after the foot switch and handle button been released, go to step 3.

3) Disconnect the handle and foot switch when the power is off. 

Use a multimeter to check if two signal wires of the handle buttons are short-circuited. Check if two signal wires of the foot switch are short-circuited. 

If the short circuit occurs, solve the short circuit problem. 

If there is no short circuit in the signal cable of the handle and foot switch,it means the control board has problem.

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