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Alarming System for Beauty Machines

All beauty machines manufacturered by TEC DIODE has good alarming systems. 

Machine alarming doesn't means machine have any problem, on the countrary, it indicates what we shall to do to protect machine better.

See below the alarming details and what you should to do:

Alarming System for Beauty Machines

IconWhy It Alarms?What You Should Do It This Alarming
water flow speed icon

This is water flow speed alarming.

It alarms when the water flow speed is lower than 3.

Change to new water filters, so that the water flow speed will be fast again and stop alarming.
water tempreture icon

This is water tempreture alarming.

It alarms when the water tempreture is higher than 35 degrees.

Let machine have a little rest. Or calibrate the water tempreture in the machine.
impurity icon

This is water impurity alarming.

It alarms when water is too dirty.

Change to new distilled water for machine.
water level icon

This is water level alarming.

It alarms when there is too less water in the tank that didn't covewr the water level sensor.

Open the vent,  add water very full till it over flow from the vent. You should always make sure the water lever is higher than the H level in the tank.
trigger status icon

This is trigger status alarming.

It actually will not really alarming. When the trigger is stucked in the handle it will shown as an arrow, and you will be unable to click "Standby".

If you unable to click "Standby" and this icon shown as an arrow, then it means the trigger is stucked in the handle, you need to release the trigger first, then you can click "Standby" button normally.

If machine starts alarming, please do the step accordingly and machine will back to normal work again.

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