ELOS SHR Permanent Hair Removal Machine E-light


Lifespan:100% Ensure 1 million shots (5 times longer than others)

Filters:5 filters (480, 530, 590, 640, 690)

Delivery Time:Within 5 working days after payment

Description:This portable E-light machine also called Elos. It is the most cost effective option for SHR permanent hair removal treatment. Meanwhile it also can do photorejuvenation, acne treatment, pigmentation treatment etc.. We use UK lamp ensure 1 million super lifespan. Contact TEC DIODE to get best price.

ELOS SHR Permanent Hair Removal Machine E-light  


E-light is an advanced technology that uses the power of radio frequency (RF) and intense pulsed light (IPL) at the same time.

This appliance is an E-Light system. It includes three advanced technologies that combine to deliver very effective treatments, without sacrificing comfort.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is a special type of light, similar to the laser, but with superior performance. The IPL uses a specially designed lamp to generate a source of high intensity light, which through a given filter changes its characteristics for different treatments.

IPL uses a broader spectrum of light and it is less invasive than laser, so can be used in different body parts and different treatments. For these reasons, it is very common to find this med-aesthetic equipment for beauty salons and spas.

Radiofrequency (RF) is a popular non-invasive technology that raises the temperature of the deep layers of the skin, changing the structure of collagen and regenerating skin cells. RF radiation will add more heat to the follicles during hair removal, reduce pore size, tighten skin and smooth wrinkles.

Finally, the cooling system makes the treatment more pleasant. The portion of the applicator which is in contact with the skin cools its outermost layers, soothing it and reducing the sensation of heat.

ELOS SHR Permanent Hair Removal Machine E-light working theory

As a result, E-light (IPL combined with RF) will bring more effective hair removal compared to using IPL alone and add skin care effect at the same time. 

Thanks to the use of a broad spectrum of light, E-Light is suitable for almost all skin and hair types. 

Also, the modern E-light machines have a very good cooling system, which makes the treatment much more pleasant and less painful than IPL treatment.

E-light generally has large spots, it can quickly treat large areas, such as the back, shoulders, stomach, and legs. 

Therefore, you can save a lot of time when dealing with Elight / ELOS.


display of ELOS SHR Permanent Hair Removal Machine E-light

Standard color is white blue. For other colors also can customize for free


Product Name

ELOS SHR Permanent Hair Removal Machine E-light


Super long 1 million shots

Machine Power


Spot Size

15*50mm (or 12*30mm as optional)


480 / 530 / 590 / 640 / 690nm-1200nm

Energy Density

IPL mode: 1-50J/cm2; SHR mode: 1-25J/cm2

Xenon Lamp Source

UK lamp

Cooling System

Water + Air + TEC + Sapphire


10.4 inch LCD touch screen

Net Weight


Gross Weight


Volume Weight


Packing Size



ELOS SHR Permanent Hair Removal Machine E-light inner parts

  • Strong and beautiful ABS shell

  • Iron stand inside machine

  • UK imported high quality xenon ESHR lamp

  • Best brand Dazhi E-LIGHT SHR power supply

  • Schneider switch suppy

  • Korea imported extra water filters

  • Big capacitors from Japan

  • The thickest aluminum radiators plus 24V large  fans

  • 4L big acrylic water tank, transparent and strong.

  • Latest brushless DC water pump, with high lift to 15 meters.

  • 10.4 inch big true color touchable LED screen


1 Million Shots Life!

1 million shots IPL machine

The most good thing for our IPL SHR OPT laser hair removal machine is it has super long lifespan 1 million shots!

If you have used similar machines you will know this lifespan is much much much longer than others 300,000 shots or 500,000 shots, let alone some companies lifespan is even only 100,000 shots.

Unique Water Filters

As we all know, the laser bar in diode laser has very high demand for water quality. So in every diode laser machine there MUST have water filters.

But since xenon lamp in E-light machine doesn't have that high demand for water, so no factory will aplly water filter in Elight machines. But that doesn't mean it is useless.

We have applied an extra water filter in our ELOS SHR Permanent Hair Removal E-light Machine to protect our UK lamp. 

water filters for shr machine uk ipl lamp

High Quality UK Lamp

We use UK Firstlight xenon lamp. Together with our water filter design and our great inner structures, 100% ensure the 1 million shots lifespan

Large Capacitors Ensures Strong and Stable Energy Output

44000 ufa capacitor of the Eshr ipl device

More importantly, even it is just a portable machine, but we still use super big capacitors 2*22000uf, totally 44000 uf, ensures super strong energy in fast speed working.

All other portable models in the market only has 3*10000uf totally 30000 uf capacitor, much, much smaller than ours.

This super big capacitor can well ensure the super strong and stable energy output, which also called OPT.

OPT refers to square wave technology. It is the advanced version of IPL. Now is more popular in the market.


beautiful software of elight laser

This machine has very easy use interface. You can put any treatment tip to the handle, the handle will intelligent recoginize which tip it is and automatically offer the preset parameters for the treatment.

Machine has installed 15 main languages to meet worldwide clients' demand. And meantime it has 4 systems which makes it very easy to use and maintainance. The systems are: alarming system, monitoring system, record saving system and renting system.


The self detecting system is mainly to facilitate after-sales maintenance. 

Our machines have undergone a complete test before delivery, and generally there will be no problems, but if there are any problems, customers can enter the monitoring system to check. 

Each of the five monitoring indicators of the monitoring system represents an important part of the machine. If any indicator turns yellow, it means that the internal parts of the machine corresponding to the indicator have problems and need to be replaced. For machines within the warranty period, we will send this accessory to the customer for free within 24 hours after receiving the problem report. This system makes after-sales very easy, and even customers do not need to hire professional engineers.


For this ELOS SHR Permanent Hair Removal E-light Machine, we offer 5 filters . So that this machine can cover all below treatments:

what does elight ipl machine do

Hair removal for the whole body, including the back, chest, forehead, leaves, cheeks, upper lip, armpits, whole legs, fingers, bikini, ear hair and nose hair removal.

It also has a good effect on skin whitening, skin tightening, pigmentation correction and other skin rejuvenation.


elight mode and SHR mode

Be offer both SHR working mode and E-light working mode for this machine.

SUPER mode is suitable for big treatment area such as chest, back or leg.

E-light mode is suitable for small treatment area like photofacial etc..


Before starting the procedure, you will be provided with safety goggles to protect against bright flashes. Cold gels are often applied to the treatment area to flatten the tip and help cool the epidermis during treatment. Your skin care professional directs a short burst of bright light onto the skin through the tip. The procedure can take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour, depending on the size of the area being treated.


photo facial treatment by IPL Elight machine

During the Facial Photo Treatment by E-light machine, you will feel the warmth caused by the handpiece. Some patients compare this feeling to the slight click of a rubber band. The number of pulses received depends on the size of the treated area. After the procedure, your skin care professional can help apply ice to the treated area to reduce discomfort from the procedure. However, this is often not necessary as Elos facial phototherapy causes very little pain.


E-light treatment has many advantages over services such as waxing to remove unwanted hair. The pulse of light generated by the IPL machine is of very short duration, minimizing discomfort and reaction to surrounding non-target tissues. This allows for relatively uninterrupted treatment, eliminates downtime, and is a popular, non-invasive, long-term alternative to traditional hair removal methods.


E-light SHR machines are one of the most valuable devices that a cosmetologist or beauty salon can invest in as there are many different treatment options that a single standalone device can offer. Having more treatment options available to clients means more opportunities to capture more of the market. One client may be interested in permanent hair removal, while another may want to get rid of pigmentation and vascular disease. In any case, the versatility of the E-light IPL machine can meet the needs of more potential clients seeking help with their hair and skin problems.


ipl shr machine manufactuer china

E-light service providers are constantly commenting on how it has had a significant impact on revenue turnover, bookings and customer base growth. 

Alternatively, if you choose not to invest in an IPL E-light beauty machine, you will be able to maintain a high client retention rate as our tech savvy clients are always on the lookout for the latest state of the art aesthetic treatments.  It can be more difficult. Boost their image and boost their self-confidence. Many clients are now choosing to spend money on treatments with immediate and long-term results, such as IPL, instead of regular massages and facials. Therefore, it is important for beauty business owners to keep up with their needs and continue to make upfront investments. 

A result-oriented aesthetic technology to survive and thrive in the increasingly competitive beauty industry in the age of technology.


Many factors affect the cost of E-light or ESHR treatment:


1. The cost of SHR laser hair removal depends on the candidate factors.

The situation varies from user to user, such as the treatment site and the degree of hair density. Of course, the number of procedures required will vary. Therefore, there is a difference in the price of treatment. This is why personal factors are also an important factor in determining the value of a price.


2. Hair removal related equipment 

The equipment used for ice dot laser hair removal depends on the qualified plastic surgery clinic. 

As a rule, the price of ice dot laser hair removal is slightly higher than in general hospitals, as specialized clinics use advanced international equipment to ensure the effectiveness and safety of treatment.


3. Associated with hospital specialists 

The results and safety of laser hair removal are also more guaranteed when performing the shr procedure. Doctors in regular specialty hospitals are well trained and have extensive clinical experience.

According to some European market research, the following data are available:

The upper cheek (above the beard line) costs € 40 per step.

The upper cheek (above the beard line) costs 200 euros for 6 treatments.

Full beard € 450 including neck with 6 treatments.

Chest and stomach cost 750 euros for 6 treatments.

In a nutshell, a high quality E-light SHR machine is worth having.

TEC DIODE is the manufacturer in China for such high quality Elight SHR machines with 1 million shots. If any client interested in Elos SHR machines, please feel free to contact us to get more details!



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