Best IPL Machine For Photorejuvenation And SHR Hair Removal


Functions::Photorejuvenation, hair removal, acne treatment, pigment treatment, vascular treatment

Training:Free online training

Warranty:2 Years free warranty and life time after sales support

Description:This IPL SHR machine with 5 filters has very good effect in photorejuvenation, SHR hair removal, acne treatment. It has amazing lifespan 1 million shots. TEC DIODE offers 2 years warranty and free online training for clients.

Best IPL Machine For Photorejuvenation And SHR Hair Removal 


Best IPL Machine For Photorejuvenation And SHR Hair Removal

  • 1 machine with 5 filters covers all functions (Hair removal, photorejuvenation, acne treatment, vascular treatment, pigment treatment)

  • Amazing lifespan 1 million shots (Other company only 100,000 - 300,000 shots, our lifespan is at least 3-5 times longer than others)

  • IPL mode and SHR mode for different area treatments.

  • Big capacitor ensures strong and stable energy output.


Best IPL Machine For Photorejuvenation And SHR Hair Removal photos

Standard color is white blue. For other colors also can customize for free


IPL therapy uses multi-color (wide spectrum) light for magic. This type of light is made up of many different wavelengths, unlike the light emitted by traditional medical lasers, which are usually limited to a narrow wavelength range. By adjusting the wavelength of the light emitted during the IPL treatment, the doctor can tailor the IPL photo facial to the specific skin condition. IPL treatment is extremely versatile and highly customizable. This procedure can be used to solve a single problem or solve several problems at the same time. 

IPL handle 1 million shot life

Basically we consider IPL Machine For Photorejuvenation And Hair Removal is good at all below treatments:

  • Acne scars after inflammation

  • Bruise

  • Rosacea-like dermatitis

  • Excessive pigmentation

  • Chloasma

  • spider veins

  • Changing the color of stretch marks

  • sun damage


IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light Technology. IPL home hair removal devices act on the roots with a very soft light pulse. This puts the hair into a dormant phase. In other words, the hair will fall out and the body will gradually grow smaller.


how does ipl do the hair removal 

Its smoothness also remains for a long time. After 14 years of research, Philips Lumea Prestige achieved hair release within 8 weeks after the first 4 treatments*. It's not just the legs. The smart curved nozzle allows you to safely treat underarms, bikini area and face. Thus, IPL is an alternative to razors, waxing or epilators.


In IPL Photofacial, the light emitting device is finely tuned to address specific skin concerns or to achieve a comprehensive rejuvenation of the entire face. Heat is generated when a pulse of light emitted by this device is absorbed by the melanin (pigment) and red blood cells in the skin. This heat mimics superficial injury but, unlike burns, does not cause permanent damage. The IPL device is designed to activate the skin's natural healing process without actually damaging the delicate skin tissue. IPL therapy does not cause scarring, infection, or other complications when performed by a qualified professional.



Long lifespan 1 million shots, 500,000 shots warranty!

Best IPL Machine For Photorejuvenation And SHR Hair Removal Machine 1 million shots

The most good thing for our Best IPL Machine For Photorejuvenation And SHR Hair Removal machine is it has super long lifespan 1 million shots!

If you have used similar machines you will know this lifespan is much much much longer than others 300,000 shots or 500,000 shots, let alone some companies lifespan is even only 100,000 shots.

As we all know, the laser bar in diode laser has very high demand for water quality. So in every diode laser machine there MUST have water filters.

But since xenon lamp in IPL Machine For Photorejuvenation And Hair Removal doesn't have that high demand for water, so no factory will aplly water filter in IPL Machine For Photorejuvenation And Hair Removals. But that doesn't mean it is useless.

We have applied an extra water filter in our IPL SHR OPT laser hair removal machine to protect our UK lamp. 

The extra water filter can greatly prolong the handle lifespan, together with our great inner structure, we can ensure super long lifespan to 1 million shots.

We have literally did this lifespan test dear, so for this we can 100% guarantee you! 

IPL Mode and SHR Mode For All Areas:

Best IPL Machine For Photorejuvenation And SHR Hair Removal Machine

Besides, we offer both SHR working mode and IPL working mode for this machine.

The left mode stands for SUPER. In this mode. Light will be emitted in uniformly in single pulse from 1-10 hz, which allows 10 flashes in 1 second. It has better effect in large area hair removal like back or leg.

The right mode stands for IPL. In this mode. Light will be emitted unevenly in multipulse from 1-6hz as a group. It has better effect in small area skin treatment, like face treatment.

Large Capacitor Ensures the Strong Energy

44000 uf capacitor of Best IPL Machine For Photorejuvenation And SHR Hair Removal Machine

More importantly, we use super big capacitors 2*22000uf, totally 44000 uf, ensures super strong energy in fast speed working.

All other portable models in the market only has 3*10000uf totally 30000 uf capacitor, much, much smaller than ours.

This super big capacitor can well ensure the super strong and stable energy output, which also called OPT.

OPT refers to square wave technology. It is the advanced version of IPL. Now is more popular in the market.

Easy to Maintain this IPL Device

Best IPL Machine For Photorejuvenation And SHR Hair Removal special design

Although this IPL SHR OPT laser hair removal machine has an extra water filter, it doesn't mean it is hard in maintainance. On the contrary, we have special design with water filter, so it is very easy to do the maintainance. 

We suggest to change water filter every 1 year. Water filter is designed in outside of machine. No need to open machine shell, even salon girls can change water filters very easily.


interface for Best IPL Machine For Photorejuvenation And SHR Hair Removal

This machine has very easy use interface. You can put any treatment tip to the handle, the handle will intelligent recoginize which tip it is and automatically offer the preset parameters for the treatment.

Machine has installed 15 main languages to meet worldwide clients' demand. And meantime it has 4 systems which makes it very easy to use and maintainance. The systems are: alarming system, monitoring system, record saving system and renting system.

Save treatment record for every client

Each client has a different situation and requires different treatments, and the treatment parameters used are also different. Our self-developed customer parameter storage system allows doctors to store the conditions of each customer, so that the next time the same customer comes for treatment, the customer's parameters can be directly retrieved from the system and the treatment can be started quickly.


Permanent hair removal

Permanent hair removal by IPL SHR device

When you use the hair removal function of an IPL Machine For Photorejuvenation And Hair Removal, the device emits light of a certain wavelength and is absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicles (the pigment gives the hair its color). The machine then only pulses for a short time, and the duration of each pulse is long enough to destroy the hair follicles. When the hair follicle pigment absorbs IPL light, the energy is converted into heat, causing thermal damage to the hair follicles. This thermal damage causes stunted hair growth or complete irreversible destruction of the hair follicles.


Using the IPL device for professional hair removal:

A simple, convenient and fast solution to get rid of unwanted hair. 

It gives excellent results on both the face and body parts.

6 to 8 IPL treatments are usually required for optimal results (although once a client completes a treatment cycle, only occasional maintenance treatments are needed to ensure a smooth skin life).

Compared to the cost and laboriousness of waxing, shaving and tweezing, this remains a popular and cost-effective and also permanent hair removal solution.


Vascular treatment

spider vein removal effect by IPL laser

It is estimated that unsightly veins are a common problem in over 60% of the adult population, which is why IPL treatment is viewed by many as a quick and effective solution.


IPL treatment of vascular problems is achieved by emitting a precisely controlled and powerful pulse of filtered light absorbed by the blood vessels and heating until the blood vessels are destroyed. After treatment, the blood vessels are quickly cleared and reabsorbed by the body, leaving little or no trace of the original lesion.


Using a high quality IPL Machine For Photorejuvenation And Hair Removal can reduce facial blood vessel scarring such as red flushes (rosacea), filiform veins, and red spots around the cheeks and nose in salons, spas, clinics, and clinics. We can provide the treatment you want. The treatment does not require downtime, so clients can spend the day as usual, following the instructions. For optimal results, a client usually requires 4-6 treatments spaced 2-3 weeks apart, but the client is assessed on a case-by-case basis during the consultation.


Acne treatment

Acne treatment effect of IPL Machine

During IPL acne treatment, the use of blue light can have a positive effect on acne and the resulting scars by targeting the acidic Bacillus bacteria while leaving the surrounding healthy skin tissue intact.


Most acne can be treated with little trace of the original mark. IPL acne treatment is specifically designed to slow down the overall sebum production that leads to acne, greatly reducing the chance of scratching and minimizing pore enlargement.


IPL acne treatments should be done approximately 1-2 weeks apart so that the skin's natural regeneration cycle can play its part in the treatment process.


Skin rejuvenation

IPL skin rejuvenation effect

One of the most commonly requested IPL treatments is skin rejuvenation to treat dull, aging and damaged skin. During this treatment, the IPL system emits a powerful pulse of precisely controlled filtered light that stimulates skin fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin. It shrinks enlarged pores and improves the radiance and firmness of the skin, making it smoother and more even.


Everyone loves the sun. Limited exposure is good for vitamin D absorption and general vitality, but has a long-term effect on direct skin effects such as sunburn. Over time, exposure to sunlight reduces collagen production, weakens cellular structure, and causes wrinkles, wrinkles, redness, and uneven skin tone, which can damage the skin. The IPL skin rejuvenation treatment improves skin tone and texture, and purifies the skin by stimulating the natural production of collagen and elastin, resulting in smoother, healthier, and younger-looking skin.


Pigmentation Correction

Pigmentation Correction effect

When addressing pigmentation issues with IPL technology, the Intense Pulsed Light System emits precisely controlled and powerful pulses of filtered light absorbed by freckles, sunburn and melasma melanin. The pigmented area absorbs light and heats the skin until it regenerates with fresh, healthy regenerated cells. After treatment, the pigmented areas darken, and the scabs become completely normal. Over the next few weeks, the pigmented areas gradually flake off the skin, leaving little trace of the original mark.


Almost every person born with them or acquired during their lifetime wants to get rid of blackheads, freckles or skin discoloration. IPL treatment is a professional, modern and effective means of achieving the goal. this. Clients require a treatment cycle consisting of a series of 4-6 treatments at 4-week intervals for optimal results. Commonly requested areas for pigmentation treatment include the back of the hands, forearms, décolleté and face.



Do you offer training?
- Yes, we offer in-site, online, video training for all our Best IPL Machine For Photorejuvenation And SHR Hair Removal.

What’s the warranty?
- 1 years free warranty and lifetime free after-sales service is offered for all Best IPL Machine For Photorejuvenation And SHR Hair Removal.

How long can I get the machine?
- After payment, we need 5 days for production and testing, shipping takes 7-9 days, Totally after 2 weeks you can get it at your door.

What is the difference between IPL and SHR?

Both IPL Machine For Photorejuvenation And Hair Removal and SHR machine are using the same techlogogy Intensed Pulse Light (short as IPL) .

While IPL we offer 5 changeable filters to cover 5 different functions.

While SHR is for for Super Hair Removal. So actually SHR refers to the IPL that with 640nm filter that fixed inside of the handle. So with SHR there is only 1 fixed 640nm filter inside of handle, it is especially for hair removal treatment.


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