High Power Laser Hair Removal + Carbon Peel 2 in 1 Beauty Machine


Handle 1:Diode Laser for hair removal 808nm or triple wave

Handle 2:ND Yag Laser for tattoo removal and carbon peeling 532nm 1064nm 1320nm

OEM:OEM available

Description:DPL2 is the High Power Laser Hair Removal + Carbon Peel 2 in 1 Beauty Machine. It combines both diode laser system and nd yag laser system to the machine and working as 2 independant machines. For beauty salons who wants to buy hair removal machine and tattoo removal machine at same time, this model is the best choice.


High Power Laser Hair Removal + Carbon Peel 2 in 1 Beauty Machine video


Most advanced multifunctional beauty machine technology !

High Power Laser Hair Removal + Carbon Peel 2 in 1 Beauty Machine


High Power Laser Hair Removal + Carbon Peel 2 in 1 Beauty Machine photo


Diode Laser

Diode Laser with 3 options, please choose the diode handle you like most!

diode laser AH diode laser BH diode laser CH

First generation diode laser handle:

laser depilation diode 500W

  • Treatment spot size: 15*15mm and extra cooling tip size 25*25mm

  • The extra 25*25mm TEC cooling tips to cool the skin pre and during and after treatments, reduce the pain during hair removal, and increase the comfort for patients.

  • Laser bar: 100% US Coherent laser bar, the best quality laser bar.

Second Genration Diode Laser Handle:

15*30mm big size diode laser

  • 1200w Super power, biggest real power in China market!

  • 2 in 1 spot sizes, covers all area treatment:

    Big spot 15*30mm:for large area treatment, such as arm hair, leg hair, armpit hair, chest hair.

    Small spot 15*10mm :for small area treatment, such as lip hair,finger hair,beard hair,eyebrow hair.

  • Energy: Big spot size energy can reach 100J, the small spot size energy can reach 166J

  • Laser bar: 100% US Coherent laser bar

Third Generation Diode Laser Handle:

new generation smart diode laser

  • 1200w Super power

  • 3 Treatment tips: Body tip + Facil tip + Nose tip

    Body tip: big spot size 15*30 mm, Greatly shortens hair removal time

    Facial Tip: middle head 15*15 mm spot size, facial area treatment, the size more covenient

    Nose tip: Φ8 mm diameter, this is small spot size, the tip makes nose hair removal better for men and women who is bothering by their nose hair.

  • 3D smart tips, intelligent recognition

    When you use big tip, handle will identify its energy, it is big tip, 15*30mm,to removal body hair,such as back hair removal, leg hair removal, arm hair removal, greatly improved the treatment efficiency and shorten the treatment time.

    When you use middle tip, handle will identify its energy, it is middle tip, 15*15mm, to removal face hair and lip hair.

    When you use nose tip, handle will identify its energy, it is nose tip, Φ8mm, to removal nose and ear hair.

  •  Laser bar:US Coherent laser bar

Is diode laser hair removal effective?

Here is a video of our colleague in TEC DIODE. 

He has used our diode laser, and this guy has lost his hair forever!

Welcome to contact us any time to check his arm!

Nd Yag Laser

3 tips for nd yag laser High Power Laser Hair Removal + Carbon Peel 2 in 1 Beauty Machine

For our Nd yag laser handle, we offer 3 tips, for tattoo removal and carbon peeling skin rejuvenation.

532nm tip is for color tattoo removal.

1064nm for dark tattoo removal.

1320nm for carbon peeling.

With UK xenon lamp and phi 6 rod, our nd yag laser can reach over 1600mJ energy. This is much higher than other's 1000mJ.

Our facula is big and round, it means our energy is strong and uniform.

How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

why nd yag laser can removal tattoo ?

The laser beam uses a focused burst of energy to heat the ink under the skin. This breaks the ink into smaller particles. Tattoos of different colors may require the use of multiple lasers operating at different frequencies. These small ink particles can be removed naturally by body's own immune system.


Does laser treatment completely remove my tattoos?

Your tattoo may not be completely removed, it is relatively common. Some tattoo ink colors cannot be removed with a laser. Also, some pigments are too deep to be removed with currently available lasers. Some colors are easier to remove than others. Blue / black tattoos are especially suitable for laser treatment as they absorb light better. Reactions of other colors are being studied.

nd yag laser tattoo removal effect


How Much Does It Cost to Remove a Tattoo?

The cost may depend on the size of your tattoo, how colorful it is, and where you live. The American Society of Cosmetic Surgery sets an average tattoo removal price of $ 463 per session based on the location.


Health care providers who remove tattoos may be required to pay the full amount during the procedure. If you are considering removing tattoos, be sure to discuss the associated costs with your healthcare provider before proceeding.

What is ND Yag laser Carbon peeling?

Also known as " Hollywood Peel" or "Black Doll Facial Peel" (named after the skin finish of a porcelain doll), Carbon Facial Peel is an innovative laser rejuvenation that uses focused rays to correct skin imperfections. It is a cure.

 carbon peeling with nd yag

Carbon Facial Peeling balances the skin and gives it a uniform glow with perfect texture and complexion.

The strength of the procedure is that as the treated skin regenerates, skin irregularities, dark spots or blemishes, and pigments are visibly reduced and the texture becomes more uniform.

Advantages of carbon laser peeling:

Pore Diameter Improvement

Improve active acne

Color of the skin

collagen stimulation

Clearer skin


The treatment involves applying medical grade liquid carbon to the skin and then using laser light to heat and vaporize the carbon, removing a 15 micron layer of skin, leaving skin clearer, firmer and more youthful. Leaves a glow. Carbon laser peeling is a procedure without a recovery period. The procedure is painless and takes about 15 minutes. The procedure can be repeated at intervals of 2-4 weeks.


High Power Laser Hair Removal + Carbon Peel 2 in 1 Beauty Machine
Diode Laser System
FunctionPermanent laser hair removal

AH: 500w

BH: 800-1200W

CH: 800-1200W

Wavelength808nm or 755 808 1064nm triple wave
Lifespan20 million shots
Spot Size

AH: 15*15mm

BH: 15*30mm, 15*10mm

CH: 15*30mm, 15*15mm, φ8mm

ND Yag Laser
FunctionAll color tattoo removal, pigmentation treatment, carbon peeling
Wavelength532nm, 1064nm, 1320nm
Lifespan3 million shots
Spot SizeAround 5mm



Cooling Water + Air + TEC + Sapphire
Screen14 inch LCD touch screen
Net W.64KG
Gross W.74KG
Volume W.90KG
Packing Size63*60*116cm


Easy Interface

software of High Power Laser Hair Removal + Carbon Peel 2 in 1 Beauty Machine

This machine software is very user-friendly. Even starters can use it very easily.

It has pre-set parameters which can be directly use for treatment, and with 15 languages for option.

Meanwhile it also includes alarming system, monitoring system, treatment record saving system and renting system.


We offer all necessary accessories, so that after you receiving the machine you can immediately install and use it. Below is the accessories you will get:

1 piece diode laser handle (depending on which diode laser handle you choose):

diode laser handle AH diode laser handle BH intelligent diode laser handle CH

1 piece nd yag laser handle with 3 tips

 nd yag laser handle 

 1 piece eye shield for patients. Protective goggles for doctor: diode laser 1 pair, nd yag laser 1 pair, 

eye protector diode laser Protective goggles nd yag laser Protective goggles 

And other commen accessories, which including cable line, foot switch, water filters, keys, and water funnels.

accessories of the aesthetic lasers


Yes sure. We are manufacturer for diode laser, IPL, nd yag laser, RF and multifunctional beauty machines combining above 4 types handles. Especially famous in 808nm Laser Hair Reduction Equipment Diode Lasers. We do not focus on a lot of types, only focus on above types and do it to best!

We located in Medical Equipment Park, Daxing District, capital of China, Beijing. 

TEC DIODE beauty machine factory photo

 beauty machine packings

And welcome to make video call any time to see our factory by WhatsApp.


Yes sure. With machine we will send you very detailed user manual with recommended treatment parameters for different areas.

We also have online training videos in YouTube. Besides, if you need any help, we can also make video call by WhatsApp to guide you.

 online training for beauty devices user manuals for beauty lasers


The 2 most strict and hard to get certificates double inspect and ensure machine quality and factory control. In whole China, no more than 10 companies who have both FDA and Medical CE.

FDA approved beauty machine factory


Please feel free to contact us to get the quotation and more details about this machine!

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