1200W Diode Laser Hair Removal + SHR OPT Photorejuvenation Machine

Model:DPL2 IPL

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Color:Standard color white and blue, other color also can customize for client

Delivery time:Within 5 working days after payment

Description:DPL2 model combins 2 systems in 1 machine (diode laser system and SHR OPT system), 100% unique in market. With 1 machine it covers all below functions: Laser hair removal, Acne treatment, Photo rejuvenation, Skin whitening, Spider vein treatment , Pigmentation treatment

1200W Diode Laser Hair Removal + SHR OPT Photorejuvenation Machine


1200W Diode Laser Hair Removal + SHR OPT Photorejuvenation Machine video

What Treatments does 1200W Diode Laser Hair Removal + SHR OPT Photorejuvenation Machine Do?

1 Machine, 2 handles, 6 functions, 100% unique in market

-Laser hair removal

-Acne treatment

-Photo rejuvenation

-Skin whitening

-Spider vein treatment 

-Pigmentation treatment

Photo of Diode Laser + SHR OPT Machine

1200W Diode Laser Hair Removal + SHR OPT Photorejuvenation Machine photo

Our standard color for this model is white and grey. Above white golden color is also very hot selling

How Does It Work? 

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

 diode laser for hair removal

Laser hair removal uses laser light to remove hair follicles by targeting the melanin in the follicle. Melanin is the pigment that provides hair with its color. The presence of melanin allows the laser to be precisely targeted, heating and damaging the hair follicle.

Individual hairs must be targeted one at a time. Not all hairs are actively growing at the same time, so a patient should be treated throughout the whole hair growth cycle to ensure that all hairs have been removed.


How does IPL OPT work?

 IPL working theory

Principle of selective photopyrolysis: Taking advantage of the characteristic that there are more pigments in diseased skin than normal skin tissues, strong pulsed light acts on the epidermis, which can be preferentially absorbed by pigments and oxygenated hemoglobin in the skin, without damaging normal tissues. Under this condition, the blood vessels are coagulated, the pigment clusters and pigment cells are destroyed and decomposed, so as to achieve the effect of treating telangiectasia and stains.

Biostimulation principle: Use light energy to convert heat energy to produce mild reversible sub-damages in the dermis, thereby starting the skin’s wound repair mechanism, re-arrangement and regeneration of collagen fibers and elastic fibers in the skin, and restore elasticity, thereby Achieve the therapeutic effect of eliminating wrinkles, rejuvenating skin and reducing pores.

Machine Details

This machine combines diode laser system and IPL system together. Please see below details of each system:

Diode Laser System

ice cooling laser diode high power 1200W diode laser intelligent generation diode laser

For diode laser part, we offer 3 different handle options:

AH: 300W-600W

BH: 800W- 1200W

CH: 800W- 1200W

All handles we can make 808nm or make mixed wavelength 755 + 808 + 1064nm accoring to client need.

Client can choose any handle, and we can combine it with IPL system.

Permanment laser hair removal effect (suitable for all skin types):

diode laser beard hair removal effect diode laser armpit hair removal effect diode laser chest hair removal

Diode Laser newly designed interface:

latest software for diode laser

IPL OPT System

IPL handle high qualityWhat can IPL do?

We offer 5 filters . So that this our IPL system can do below treatments:

1). 480nm~1200nm: Acne treatment

2). 530nm~1200nm: Vascular treatment, photofacial for light skin.

3). 590nm~1200nm:Pigmentation treatment, photofacial for dark skin.

4). 640nm~1200nm: Hair removal for light skin

5). 690nm~1200nm: Hair removal for dark skin

IPL Acne treatment effect:

IPL acne treatment effect 1 IPL acne treatment effect 2 IPL SHR OPT acne treatment 3

IPL photofacial effect:

 SHR OPT photofacial effect 2 SHR OPT photofacial effect 3

IPL Pigmentation treatment:

SHR OPT pigmentation effect 1 SHR OPT pigment removal effect 1

IPL hair removal effect:

SHR OPT hair removal effect 1 SHR OPT back hair removal effect 1 SHR OPT chin hair removal effect 1

IPL easy use software:

new interface of SHR OPT

HD Ture Color Screen

large screen of diode laser SHR beauty machine

This machine software is very user-friendly. Even starters can use it very easily.

Meanwhile it also includes alarming system, monitoring system, treatment record saving system and renting system.


1200W Diode Laser Hair Removal + SHR OPT Photorejuvenation Machine

Diode Laser System


Permanent laser hair removal


AH: 500

BH: 800W

CH: 1200W


808nm or 755 808 1064nm triple wave


20 million shots

Spot Size

AH: 15*15mm

BH: 15*30mm & 15*10mm

CH:15*30mm & 15*15mm & Φ8mm

E-light IPL SHR OPT System


Photo rejuvenation, SHR hair removal, skin whitening, acne treatment etc




480 / 530 / 590 / 640 / 690nm-1200nm


1 million shots

Spot Size

15*50mm (12*30mm optional)

Machine Details

Cooling System

Water + Air + TEC + Sapphire


14 inch LCD touch screen

Net Weight


Gross Weight


Volume Weight


Packing Size



This is a feedback from USA client. She likes the machine so much and wants to recommend it to everyone.


How to mainten this Diode Laser Hair Removal + SHR OPT Photorejuvenation Machine?

Routine maintenance of this machine is very simple.

When you need to clean the machine casing daily, please use a soft damp cloth. A mild detergent may be used but be cautious, do not let the liquid sip into the machine.

Check the water level every so often to make sure it is above H.

Change distilled water every 2-3 weeks.

Change the water filter every 6-12 months.

Is it necessary to buy this 1200W Diode Laser Hair Removal + SHR OPT Photorejuvenation Machine?

This depends on your requist. If you need both hair removal funtion and photofacial function, then it is very necessary to buy such a multifunctional laser.

With 1 machine it can cover 7 main functions and save half shipping cost! You will never regret to buy this machine!

How do you ensure the quality?

To control the quality, all our workers must be well trained before on duty, and all machines must have voltage testing, energy testing and aging test before sending to clients.

beauty machine quality controlaging test of the beauty machine

For each system we use separate power supply instead of using one


And for spare parts we also use the best -

Pure AuSn laser stack from US Coherent company:

1200W Diode Laser Hair Removal laser stack 

UK IPL lamp with 1 million shots:

SHR OPT Photorejuvenation UK lamp

Super large capacitor from Japan:

large capacitor of IPL 

Ultra pure water filter from Korea:

Korea water filters

How to buy the 1200W Diode Laser Hair Removal + SHR OPT Photorejuvenation Machine from TEC DIODE?

TEC DIODE is professional manufacturer for many multifunctional beauty lasers including 1200W Diode Laser Hair Removal + SHR OPT Photorejuvenation Machine.

If you are interested in any laser beauty machines, please feel free to contact us for details and the quotation.

TEC DIODE exhibition hall

When you are ready to buy the beauty machine, we will confirm machine details, shell color and logo information first (If you have logo, we can put client logo to shell and interface. This is a free service!)

Then our we will make  invoice with confirmed details and our company’s bank account.

After the payment, we will arrange production for the machine.

It takes 7 days for production and testing. When we finish production, we will send you a video to show the machine. Then we will arrange shipping.

tec diode DHL shipping for beauty machines


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