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2nd Generation Diode Laser Hair Removal

Best option for professional salons who looking for high power, big spot size, and cost-effective prices.

Big Spot Size Diode Laser Handle

*2 Spot Sizes in 1*

As you may noticed, our diode laser has 2 tips, it has super big treatment spot size 15*30mm, and a replaceable small tip 15*10mm. 

Big Spot Size Diode Laser has 2 spot sizes

The *big spot* is 15x30mm, it can be used for big area treatment, like back hair. With such big size, it is very effective and save a lot time in pass up and pass down

The *small spot* is 15x10mm, it can be used in small area, like lip hair or figure hair, can also help you to get a beautiful beard line or eyebrow shape

*High Power*

Big Spot Size Diode Laser has 1200W high power

High power to 1200W, most effificient laser, save time in the treatment.

While 800W and 1000W also available.

US Coherent laser source, ensures long lifespan 20 million shots.

*Super Cooling*

big spot size diode laser with super cooling

As you know, usually the replaceable tip does not have good cooling. but our new handle is using a special connection design between tips and handle, so we can 100% ensure super good cooling and painless treatment

*Triple Wave Available*

Big Spot Size Diode Laser triple wave

Both 808nm and triple wavelength of 755 808 1064nm are available.

If you are looking for powerful and most cost-effective laser hair removal machine, we would highly suggest this 2nd generation diode laser to you.

It is available with all below models:

Hybrid Laser 755 808 1064 Diode Hair Reduction Machine  810nm Big Tip High Power Diode Laser Soprano

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