Why Choose Schneider Laser Hair Removal Machine

1200 watts of output power

Completely painless

100 million shots

Diode Laser With The Latest Technology In Germany

Has three wavelengths: Alexandrite 755nm + Diode 808nm + ndyag 1064nm

Has 3 different series for different areas of the body (series for full body, series for small areas, series for nose and ears)

Maximum device energy up to 300J / cm2

Has super strong cooling up to minus 25 degrees Celsius

Has an internal stabilizer and power rectifier

Ability to save the file of all customers in the device and automatically set the device for a new meeting according to the information entered for each person

Fully guaranteed answer in only 6 sessions

Equipped with two smart cooling motors

And very strong cooling that will be intelligently adjusted according to environmental characteristics such as ambient temperature and ambient humidity

Shell designs for schneider laser machine

24 Months Device Warranty

6 months warranty for the return of the device (in case of customer dissatisfaction with the response of the device) without deducting one penny from the contract amount.

Company commitment to provide services in the worst conditions within 48 hours to the customer (contract)

10 years of after-sales service throughout the country

10 years guarantee 100% parts supply

The device has a birth certificate and originality and a serial number can be traced.

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