What Are The Advantages Of IPL OPT Machine

Variety of designs available

For portable SHR OPT machine, we have 4 different shells for your choice.

The accessories used in the internal structure of the 4 designs are exactly same. However, what is the different of 4 designs?


The water filter of the B and D designs is outside, and the water filter of the A and C designs is inside of the shell.

About 1 year, the filter needs to be replaced . It is easier to replace the filter in the B shell and D shell, and it can be replaced directly without opening the shell. However, the A and C shells need to be opened to replace them.


There are 4 fans behind the A shell and C shell, and there are 2 fans behind the B shell and D shell, so the heat dissipation effect of the A shell and the C shell will be better, and the continuous use time will be longer.



Our xenon lamps are UK lamp, not other brands of xenon lamps. 

The advantages of British xenon lamps are: more stable energy, more powerful energy, and longer life. In order to save costs, some manufacturers use domestic xenon lamps, which even fire when they emit light. It is very unsafe to use such a machine, not to mention the therapeutic effect.


1 Million shots lifespan

Our IPL machines have filters installed, while other manufacturers do not have filters installed. The benefits of installing a filter are: to protect our UK imported xenon lamp, to ensure its lifespan is 1 million shots, 100%, 100%, 100 %.


Our IPL lifespan is 1 million shots, Our IPL lifespan can reach 1 million shots, there is experimental data, all machine lifespan, whether we have been tested for a long time, turn on the light every day, until no light is emitted .we can provide 600000 shots lifespan test, also can provide 700000 shots lifespan test, also can provide 900000 shots lifespan test

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