IPL Machine 1 million shots - Is that fake advertising?

IPL machine is popular for many facial problems such as acne, pigmentation, facial photo rejuvenation, hair removal etc. It is shorted for Intensed Pulse Light.

photo rejuvenation by IPL machine

Inside of the treatment handle, there is an emitter called xenon lamp. 

The lifespan of IPL machine usually refers to how many shots this xenon lamp can reach. 

If you familiar with IPL system you might know now in the market the lifespan of IPL is mostly around 300,000 shots, while actually there are many IPL machines only has less than 100,000 shots lifespan. 

Below is an example of the IPL machine advertising in the market.

 cheap IPL machine in the market



So IPL 1 million shots - Is that fake advertising?

For 99% conditions - yes it is fake advertising.

BUT, for us - NO, it is not fake advertising. We can indeed, really, 100% ensure our IPL machine has super long lifespan of 1 million shots!

high quality ipl shr machine with 1 million shots


We have literally did this lifespan test dear, so for this we can 100% guarantee you!

lifespan test shows IPL by TEC DIODE is 1 million shots

Below we’d love to show you the whole lifespan test in different period:

This is the lifespan test video at 300,000 shots.

When you see the video, please kindly notice there are 2 extra Korea imported water filters inside the machine. We are the only one who has water filters in IPL machines.


This is lifespan video at 500,000 shots.

From this video, you can see the water filter's color is darker than 300,000 shots. this means water filter is playing a very important function in protecting xenon lamp in the IPL machine.


This is video at 700,000 shots.

please also kindly notice all the test was done in 13-15J instead of 1J, this tested energy is enough for hair removal.


This is video at 900,000 shots.

You can see the energy output is still very stable and powerful at 900,000 shots.



Why we can make IPL machine to this super lifespan 1 million shots while other can only struggling in 300,000 shots even 100,000 shots?

This is determined by the whole design of the machine:

Firstly, for the xenon lamp, we use high quality UK firstlight lamp instead of the Chinese local brands.

See below is an example of Chinese lamp:

Chinese IPL lamp

And below is our high quality UK xenon lamp:

high quality UK xenon lamp

But only using the UK lamp is far not enough. In the market over half companies using UK lamp but still only make 300,000 shots IPL machine.


The other important reason is for all our IPL machines we have adopted the water filter to keep the water always clean. This is very important.

As we all know, the laser bar in diode laser has very high demand for water quality, so in every diode laser machine there will be water filter. But since xenon lamp doesn't have that high demand for water, so no factory will apply water filter in IPL series machines. But we applied, we applied an EXTRA water filter to protect our UK imported xenon lamp. This can greatly prolong the lifespan the lamp to 1 million shots.

This is a photo to show the water filters. 

Photo in left is the color at 900,000 shots. Photo in right is the original color of the water filters.

As you can see, water filters became very dirty after 900,000 shots filtering out the impurities from water. It indeed played an important role in prolong the lifespan


The other thing we would like to empharass about our IPL SHR machine is, although our IPL machine has extra water filters, that doesn’t make our machine hard to maintain. On the contrary, we have made special design for our IPL SHR machines which makes it quite easy to change water filters in the future.

                 Portable                                              Vertical


For portable IPL SHR OPT machine, we have made water filter outside of machine, no need to open machine shell, even salon girls can change water filter very easily.

For vertical IPL SHR OPT machine, here we make a little window. Only need undo the screw then you can change the water filter very easily.


We have many different models for our IPL machines, from 1 handle IPL machine to 4 handles multifunctional machine (E-light + SHR + ND YAG +RF), all our IPL related models we ensure super long lifespan 1 million shots. 

1 million shots IPL machine

multifunctional IPL SHR OPT laser

If you interested in any IPL machines, please don’t hesitate to contact us !

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