How To Choose 808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

Today, more and more people around the world are choosing 808nm diode laser technology for hair reduction treatment. For beauty equipment trading companies and resellers, retailers and wholesalers, and beauty salon owners and affiliated clinics/beauty center managers, choosing the right diode laser hair removal is not easy if you do not have experience with machines. You have to ask a lot of questions waiting to be answered: Does this new 808nm machine have consumable parts like diode laser pen power, 808 diode or 808+755+1064nm triple wave? How about a service?

This artist seeks to understand the basic principles or tips for buying a diode laser hair removal machine among laser manufacturers and trading companies of millions of suppliers.


1. What is 808nm diode hair removal laser?

The 808nm diode laser hair removal machine is the latest beauty laser equipment that produces a red striped beam of highly focused diode laser light. The laser beam focuses directly on the pigment and is well absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicles. During laser treatment, long laser pulses are repeated at a frequency of 10 Hz, causing the hair to absorb energy and heat up. 

After 3-5 repetitions, hair follicles become hot, hair falls out, and hair follicles lose their ability to re-grow after 3-5 laser treatments. Diode lasers with a wavelength of 808 nm / 810 nm are the most popular painless method of permanent hair removal.


2. Laser output spot size / diode laser bar

Hair loss result = better energy density = energy / spot size. Some factories advertise 2000W or 3000W, but the spot size is too small to process. 

Diode laser bars are fragile. Some factories use non-channel laser chips with large spot sizes. The diode laser energy density is too low and requires more processing time. Non-channel has very poor effect in hair removal.


Nowadays, the most popular lines of diode lasers is microcooling and macrocooling.  Diode laser lines with micro-cooling have a limited distance to water and require distilled water. So we use high quality macro cooling diode laser stacks. Our laser bars are imported from US Coherent, whicn is same company with GERMAN DILAS, the best brand of the laser bars. 

diode laser stack from US Coherent

It is totally AuSn laser bars instead of the cheap Indium bars. It is also the most popular cooling type on the market. It has high power with stable quality. With attention to the quality of the water, the diode laser bar has a long service life to 40 million shots, which can be used for 5-7 years. 




3. Wavelength of diode laser hair removal machine, 808 or triple wavelength.

755nm: 755nm provides stronger melanin absorption and is suitable for light fine hair. Thus, this wavelength is for removing hair such as eyebrows and upper lip.

808nm: suitable for almost all hair types, 808nm penetrates into fatty tissue and deep into the dermis and acts on various parts of the body, providing a clear and thorough hair loss at any depth.

1064nm: 1064nm is primarily suitable for dark hair color due to low melanin absorption and deep penetration into hair follicles.

Now you need to clearly define which wavelength should be chosen now? It depends on the most popular procedures for your clients,



4. Portable or vertical diode laser hair loss treatment machine.

Today, technology is developing more and more, both small sizes and big size can do very powerful diode laser hair removal. 

portable and vertical diode laser machines for hair removal

Given the international shipping, the Portable diode laser hair removal machine is cheaper to ship. 

But if you only want the most high power and long continously working time, the vertical will be better, as it can reach 1800W super power and can works for 18 hours. 

If your are starter, you can start with one from portable and then make it vertical. 

As the professional diode laser hair removal machine manufacturer, I think there is no so-called the best diode laser, there is only the most suitable diode laser. Some clients prefers vertical more. but some likes portable. But as long as this laser hair removal machine is suitable for your spa or clinic, it is the best one for you. 


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